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About Safe Actions

About Us

Safe Actions is committed to providing first class manual tasks training and consulting, with the principles of work health and safety embedded in its services. We offer excellence in service and adaptation to your specific needs.

Our Clients

Our clients, span across a range of different industries and sectors including hospitals, universities, a range of not for profit service providers in the disability sector, aged care providers, private health management providers, government departments, engineering firms, primary schools, high schools and education support centres. Our aim is to provide commercially realistic and relevant services no matter what industry or organisation size.

Identifying, assessing and control hazards from manual tasks is important in the workplace for both person conducting the business and workers. Engaging a consultant to ensure the quality of the training and input provided may help you achieve improved safety in your workplace. Our training is based on the SAFE risk management process and the principles of manutention training.


About the Trainers

Safe Actions employs Accredited Health Professionals and Trainers to deliver its suite of services. Our services include manual tasks training both short courses and AAMP accredited courses for the health and industry sectors. Training is based on the principles of Manutention. We partner with other similar companies to ensure we can meet the training needs of larger organisations.

Lead Trainer

Julie is a qualified Occupational Therapist who also has her Certificate IV training qualification. She is a qualified Level 5 Manutention Trainer in Acute Care, Aged Care and Load and Level 4 Trainer in Disability and Self Safety with Clients. She has extensive experience in providing proficiency courses and customised short courses to hospitals, disability organisations, the not for profit sector, schools, education support centres, aged care facilities and industrial setting.

​Julie is currently the only Level 5 Manutention trainer in Western Australia and the only trainer Australia wide to have qualifications in all streams of Manutention training.


Julie  holds a number of additional qualifications such as  Cert IV in Work Health and Safety, Masters in Occupational Safety and Health, Specialist Certification in Obesity Professional Education and an Associate Degree in Dementia Care. These qualifications ensure that the risk management process and the interrelatedness of factors when ensuring safety for workers and individuals requiring support are acknowledged and considered.


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