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Manual Tasks for Office Workers

Safe Actions conducts manual tasks training to enable workers to identify and manage manual task risk factors to maintain a safe working environment. Two courses are offered:


Manual Tasks for Office Workers short course covers:

  • Work Health and Safety Legislation

  • Code of Practice Manual Tasks as it applies to office workers

  • Options for correct positioning for seated keying work

  • Simple stretches to reduce sustained postures


In this 2 hour course, workers will review the Work Health and Safety Legislation and Codes of Practice Managing Work Health and Safety Risks and Hazardous Manual Tasks. Self protective behaviours will be applied to common loads in the office environment. Office seating and additional ergonomic equipment to support a neutral seated working posture will be explored. Optimum positioning when using large screens or multiple screens will be discussed.


Using Your Car as an Office short course covers:

  • Driving position

  • Loading the car with equipment

  • Simple stretches to reduce the effect of static positioning

  • Selection of cars suitable for transporting clients needing services.

  • Equipment that may improve comfort and positioning in the car.

  • Other safe driving principles e.g. fatigue, working alone, mobile phones and laptop use

In this 3 hour course, workers are coached in self protective behaviours when completing these tasks. This course is ideal for workers who are have a mobile role and those requiring a refresher of their manual tasks training.

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