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In-situ Full Body Patient Transfer Sling

In-situ full body patient transfer sling with divided leg. Straight Leg sling has an integral head support with removable support bones and is cocooning, easy to apply, with low friction fabric on leg sections. This loop fixing sling has detachable tapes for greater comfort in-situ. 

Once the patient has been transferred this sling can be left In-situ, subject to an appropriate risk assessment.

Available in material types:

  • Silva-Superfine® PLUS - High performance fabric offering superior comfort. 

  • Silva-Superfine with COOLMAX® fabric - COOLMAX fabric is designed to move moisture away from the body and enhance fabric drying rate thus keeping users feeling cool and dry. 

  • Parasilk fine, soft fabric allowing the sling to slide smoothly under the patient. This soft fabric also prevents pressure areas making it suitable for patients with sensitive skin conditions


Wash at 71°C

Tumble dry low heat (max 50°C)



  • Transfer Type: Bathing, General transfer, Seated to seated, Seated to supine & Supine to seated

  • Lift Type: Passive

  • Support Type: Hip, Lower back & Optional: Chest support OR Hip tapes OR Waist support

  • Attachment Type: Loop fixing spreader bar

  • Sizing: Silva-Superfine PLUS = XSmall – XXLarge with Silva-Superfine with COOLMAX = XXXSmall - Medium, XXXXSmall - XXL with Parasilk

  • Weight Limit: Silva-Superfine PLUS = 220kgs, Silva-Superfine with COOLMAX = 64kgs,  Silva-Superfine with DOUBLE COOLMAX = 128kg

  • Available Material: Silva-Superfine PLUS & Silva-Superfine with COOLMAX & Parasilk

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