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Manutention Training

Manutention (sometimes spelt as manutension) is the French word meaning manual handling. In Australia the  Manutention training method is an approach to manual tasks which teaches people to first apply the risk management process to all manual tasks and then trains in skills to protect the body from injury when physical handling is necessary. The Method was developed by a French Physiotherapist, Paul Dotte. It has a strong biomechanical basis enhanced by the study of human movement, martial arts, weightlifting, and abseiling.  


Training in risk management processes, the hierarchy of control and the Codes of Practice How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks, Consultation and Cooperation and Hazardous Manual Tasks are built into each training course. 

​Manutention is compatible with ergonomics, no lift or minimal lift policies. Slide sheets, height adjustable beds, hoists and trolleys are all part of Manutention courses. In conjunction with the use of equipment, the user

is taught to position their body safely and use the transfer of body weight, rather than grunt to obtain movement of the load. 

What sectors are covered in Manutention based training?


  • Acute Care

  • Aged Care

  • Loads

  • Disability

  • Self Safety with Clients


Competency based, customised and short courses are available in all these streams.

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