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People Handling Courses

Train the Coach/ Healthcare 2

Do you want manutention based manual tasks training for those working in the health care sector?

The Health Care 2 Course is 4 day course designed specifically for workers in the health care sector. The course is designed to skill a person in common transfers that are likely to occur in the health care sector and to enable the person to provide one on one coaching.

Acute Care Courses

Looking for a manutention based manual tasks training course for hospitals, nurses, hospital support staff?

The Acute Care stream works through a range of common situations that may occur to a patient in a hospital. Transfers involving rolling in bed, moving in and out of bed, sitting and standing as well as bed to trolley transfers are taught. The goal is to support the patient while they regain their physical independence. 

Aged Care Courses

Looking for a manutention based manual tasks training course for aged care facilities, carers and others who work with the elderly?

The Aged Care Stream place great emphasis on assisting and encouraging the older person to retain, or regain, their physical independence following a decrease of function. This may include a fall, an illness or relocation from their home to a residential aged care facility.

Disability Courses

Looking for courses in manual tasks training for support workers, carers, health professionals working in the disability sector, from children to adults?

The Disability Stream addresses manual tasks for a range of disabilities, ages, environments and equipment needs.

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