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Sling Resources

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These sample checklists and documents may be useful in ensuring appropriate risk assessments and maintenance occurs when choosing and using slings. The information below does not represent an exhaustive list of considerations in sling prescription. A user is to refer to the hoist and sling user manuals for descriptions of inspection and service requirements for slings.

Sample compatibility risk assessment

Queensland MASS hoist sling compatibility risk assessment

Silvalea statement on compatibility

Sample sling inspection record

Sample daily sling inspection record

Hoisting training

VI Guidelines for leaving in / removing slings

UK County Guidelines for Insitu slings

Silvalea produce their slings in a variety of fabrics. Not all fabrics are suitable for bathing, nor appropriate for every size. The Sling Fabric Guide will give you some information. Please check with SafeActions before  confirming a fabric option is available to a client as Silvalea reserve the right to vary the availability of colours.

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