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Manual Tasks Training - Loads

This stream comprises of a Loads 2 course and a Loads 3 course.  These two courses, each of 4 days duration, and a workplace assessment enable a competent participant to train within their workplace. The Work Health and Safety Act and the risk management process are embedded within the theoretical elements of the course, with examples specific to industry used.


The Loads 2 course uses a load simulator to enable the

participants to become familiar with the nine Fundamental Postures

and Actions without preconceived ideas of how to move

a specific load. Risk assessment and avoidance of load handling are embedded in the course. One person transfers of loads from

ground, optimal and shoulder height are covered.

The Loads 3 course works with larger objects and two person

transfers. It considers applications of the transfers to industry

specific environments such as warehouses, groundskeeper and

construction sites. 


 The competencies after completing Loads 2 and Loads 3 courses are to:

  • Discuss factors that contribute to load and environmental impact on handling

  • Apply fundamental postures and actions to a variety of manual tasks within the industrial environment

  • Give and receive feedback according to adult learning principles

  • Show evidence of understanding of work safety and health and risk management within industrial environment

  • Apply Chaput’s principles for risk control to a variety of manual tasks

  • Work as part of a team



Do you just want a course on manual handling of loads, targeted to your workplace, your staff and your needs - not an accredited course?


Customised Courses can be designed to meet your specific workplace needs such as:

  • Specific job roles e.g. grounds keepers, catering

  • Specific environments e.g. hospital, hotel

  • Specific work groups e.g. cleaners, support workers, trades persons

For further informaiton on the courses availableor to find out when the next course is running, please contact Safe Actions.

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