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Tinkham  Sling

tinkham sling straps.jpg

The Tinkham sling is designed specifically for the child who has strong extensor tone. This divided leg sling comes with an integral head support, thoracic support, hip tapes and modesty loops.  

This product is protected by a Community Design Registration No. 002 284 497 (2013)Design Rights: Pauline Guilfoyle 2013


Available in three material types:

  • Polyester - Easy application. Glides and slides smoothly, dries quickly after washing

  • Mesh - High density open weave mesh, durable, used for bathing as quick drying. SUITABLE FOR BATHING

  • Silva-Superfine® PLUS - High performance fabric offering superior comfort. SUITABLE FOR BATHING

Wash at 85°C for mesh and polyester, 71°C for Silva-Superfine PLUS

Tumble dry low heat (max 50°C)



  • Transfer Type Bathing, General transfer, Seated to seated, Supine to seated, Toileting & Transfer from floor

  • Lift Type Active & Passive

  • Supports: Femur, Head, Hip, Lower back, Thigh, Torso

  • Attachment Type Loop fixing spreader bar

  • Sizing  XXSmall  - Small 

  • Weight Limit  220kgs

  • Available Material Polyester, Mesh and Silva-Superfine PLUS

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