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Silva-Balance Sling

Silva-Balance sling has been specifically manufactured with counterbalance straps to enable active users more freedom of movement during transfer. The sling is fully supportive, has divided leg, built in cushioned head support and comes with a waist support as standard.

Manufactured with soft binding as standard for greater user comfort.

Available in loop fixing only.

Material type: Silva-Superfine® PLUS - black and Silva-Superfine® PLUS - windsor wine for superior comfort. 

Wash at 71°C & Tumble dry low heat (max 50°C)


  • Transfer Type: Bathing, General transfer, seated to seated, seated to supine, toileting and transfer from floor

  • Lift Type: Active and Passive

  • Support Type: Full body

  • Attachment Type: Loop fixing spreader bar

  • Sizing: XSmall - XLarge

  • Weight Limit: 220kgs

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