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Flotation Sling

The Silvalea Flotation Sling was designed and developed to allow an individual with multiple mobility restrictions to become familiar within a water environment. Whether in a swimming pool or hydrotherapy pool, the flotation sling reduces handling needs whilst fully supporting the user in the water. The sling is constructed to provide maximum buoyancy, security and support to a user in a horizontal position.

It features a foam neck roll for additional buoyancy to support the end user's head, waist support with connecting pelvic strap for additional  security and soft padded roll at the base of the sling.

A specialist hydrotherapy swimming buoyancy aid such as this flotation sling should not be used without a full risk assessment and whilst it can be used to transfer an end user into and out of a pool it should only be used with an approved pool or wet environment hoist.

Safety: This product is not a lifesaving piece of equipment and it should not be treated as such. It has been designed to assist with transfers into the pool and to provide support and aid buoyancy whilst in the water. The user should be accompanied at all times when using this product and never left unsupervised.

Sling body - Wash at 95°C 

Sling body - Tumble dry low heat (max 50°C) 

Noodles - Wipe clean with a damp cloth

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